With Innovative technology, and fast pacing market, A single product might have hundreds of variations through tens of manufacturers.

Our Critical FAQ:

How do we choose?
How do we ensure the quality and durability?
how do we ensure that our customers buy at the right price?

Renowned Brands have rich histories. However, customized solutions to meet new requirements is the key component to promote effectiveness & efficiency.

Paying of a HIGHER Price Tag (does not equate) QUALITY Product

NEW BOY in the block (does not equate) DUPLICATED Product with no modifications.

Deltawerkz is a partnership of engineers backed with experiences from different countries SPECIALIZED in various fields of Material Handling Equipment, HVAC, commercial and warehouse equipment.

With our manufacturing facility in China and together with 50 years of combined experience from various industries experts ,  Deltawerkz aims to be the biggest manufacturer that represents

  1. Value for money product
  2. High Quality
  3. Innovative Design.