Freezer Room High Speed Door – RRSD-FM

  • Drive System: Germany SEW with Danfoss PLC
  • Self-Repairable Zipper Design System
  • Air tightness design
  • Opening Speed up to 2.0m/s
  • Stainless Steel Structure
  • Max dimension: Wide 4,000mm, High 4,000mm
  • Single Phase or Three Phase Power Supply


Freezer Room High Speed Door – RRSD-FM

A special insulated speed doors designed for freezers and cold rooms. It can reduce thermal transmission by high speed opening & closing, and thermal insulated door panel. We all know the high electrical cost to maintain a freezer room, our freezer speed door are able to limits the loss of cooled air thus,  helping customer to save thousands of dollar on save energy bill compare to traditional PVC strip or sliding cold room.

An optional insulation curtain can applied to the high speed freezer door to reduces condensation and frost. It forms an extra barrier between warm outside temperatures and cold inside temperatures.



  • Reduce forst and avoid down-time – Low consumption electric heating cables in the side posts of this high speed freezer door reduce frost and avoid down-time. Combined with the self-reinserting door curtain this guarantees a long lifetime of the roll up door.
  • Special zipper design structure – connects the fabric and guide rails as a whole body, eliminating gaps between them. It greatly improves overall seal performance and air tightness.
  • Air Tightness – The door curtain has a positive air seal on both sides and at the top, while the flexible bottom edge self-adjusts to seal on uneven floors. The exceptional door seals and fast operating speeds limits the loss of cooled air.
  • Soft bottom Edge – The door curtain is fully flexible with a soft bottom edge. It contains no rigid elements which could cause injury. In addition, a photocell is fitted to all doors, and a bottom edge wireless detector device gives additional safety protection.
  • Self Repair – The flexible soft-edge door curtain resists damage by vehicle collision. If the door edges are knocked out they are automatically re-inserted in the side guides as the door opens.
  • Anti-freezing system – heated guides avoid freezing of door structure, prevent frost on the canvas and the heated motor allows the speed work to work at extreme low temperatures. 


Technical Data:

   Max dimension:    Wide 4,000mm, High 5,000mm.
   Door speed:    1.2-2.4m/s
   Power supply:    Single Phase 220/240V
   Operating Temperature:    – 30°C up to +5°C
   Power supply:    Single Phase 220/240V
   Thermal transmittance:    6,02 W/m²K