Deltawerkz Dock Shelter

  • Retractable Shelter
  • Insulated Dock Seal
  • Inflatable Dock Shelter
  • Aluminum profile structure
  • Customized to size to fit various dock design


Deltawerkz Dock Shelter


Type No.1. Retractable Dock Shelter

Maximum protection, minimum cost.

Deltawerzk retractable dock shelters works with various types of trucks. It’s retractable design, aluminum profile structure form the main structure. When trucks reverse into the dock, the dock shelter with it’s retract flexibly will join closely with the truck and close up the gaps. After trucks leave, it will recover automatically under self-weight effect.



Type No.2. Insulated Dock Seal 

For Temperature Control and uniform size truck or container

Deltawerkz Dock Seals are formed a high recoverability index foam, lined with a polyester canvas with PVC on both sides. When a vehicle begins to approach the loading bay to unload, it leans on the dock shelter and compresses it. The result is the perfect adaptation of the dock shelter to the vehicle box, blocking all entry of air and external elements.

The strong PVC covered polyester fabrics are design to withstand the continuous rubbing caused by the manoeuvres connecting the dock shelter to the truck. Fit for docks working with uniform trucks. It can realize effective seal and thermal insulation.



Type No.3. Inflatable Dock Shelter

Optimal Seal for Cold & Hygiene Store.

Deltawerkz inflatable dock shelters are provided with an inflatable coupling system using an air turbine. They include a single phase low pressure fan and an elastic unit to bring the dock shelter back to its initial position. Provides considerable energy savings by thermally isolating the exterior and providing greater interior hygiene without affecting the ease and flexibility of the maneuvers.