Deltawerkz Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Model: DH Series

  • Italy origin power pack system
  • Single Button automatic control system (above & below dock operation)
  • Full range toe guard
  • Heavy Duty Laminated bumper
  • Built in dock leveler free fall protection lifting cylinder, to prevent falling in event of truck unexpectedly moves off


Dock Leveler

In 1953, the first counterbalanced dock levelers was invented and became the most common equipment widely used in loading bays of logistics centers, warehouses and dispatch area of factories. It can greatly improve efficiency of goods transferring. A hydraulic motor drives the platform up and down, realizing seamless joint between load ground and truck floor.

Users procured from a few prominent brands and over 100+ varieties others to choose from…


It is a simple product. However, the design and details would make a huge difference which defines the products’ durability and ease of maintenance.

Deltawerkz Dock Leveler is designed by a team who have worked with builders, end users, engineers and service teams.

Our Dock Leveler is designed to meet 3 goals

Robust | Built to Last| Easy Maintenance



Deltawerkz – DH Hydraulic Dock leveler




1. High Tensile Steel Safety Tread Plate Platform  and Lip structure.

2. Reinforced full width front and tail board construction for enhance structure durability.

3. Reinforced self-cleaning Hinge and Lip construction designed to maximize durability.

4. Centered balanced Lip cylinder system to ensure correct positioning and improve cylinder lifespan.

5. Special designed beam structure to ensure even load distribution and maximum load support.

6. Original Italy Origin power pack system.

7. Heavy duty 85mm hydraulic cylinder with built-in free fall protection lifting cylinder, to prevent falling in event of truck unexpectedly moves off.

8. Holes-less inward toe guard protection system for enhance protection.

9. Integrated maintenance safety struct bar

10. Full width front frame design form cross traffic support and protection.

11. Automatic night lock to prevent security breach.


Deltawerkz Hydraulic Dock Leveler
Model: DH Series

DH1. spec

Capacity : 13ton / 15ton / 18ton
    26,000lbs / 30,000lbs / 36,000lbs   
    11,800kg / 13,600kg / 16,300kg
Width  : 6ft / 7ft   (1830mm / 2130mm)
Length    : 8ft / 10ft  (2438mm  / 3048mm)
Lip : 16inch / 406mm

●      Italy origin power pack system
●      Single Button automatic control system
●      Full range toe guard
●      Heavy Duty Laminated bumper
●      Built in free fall protection system
●      Standard 3 Phase power
●      5 years structural warranty



●      Single Phase Motor
●      Customized Width and Length (6ft to 10ft)
●      Europe size (2000 x 2000mm , 2000 x 2500mm)
●      Weather Seals
●      Longer lip length (450mm or 500mm)
●      Customised standalone structural frame