Deltawerkz Series HVLS Fan

Deltawerkz Series HVLS Fan

  • 5 Airfoil Blades Design
  • 12ft to 24ft
  • Coverage up to 2500 sq metre
  • Airflow up to 460,856 CFM
  • Italy Bonfiglioli motor


It’s our pleasure to introduce the HVLS (High Volume- Low Speed) fan to you——Deltawerkz Series super large energy-saving fan with a diameter up to 7.3M.

5 Airfoil Blades Design, which are streamlined, are developed with the advanced technologies and the principle of aerodynamics. Just with a power of 1.5KW or less, the blades are able to drive a mass of air and then produce a large scale of natural wind, which leads to the double functions of ventilation and temperature cooling. Compared with the traditional HVAC conditioners and small high-speed air blower, the fan has superior advantages in application, and is the ideal solution to ventilate and cool the air in large area.

Motor System


Italy Bonfiglioli motor

  1. Use low backlash assembly process and gear grinding technique, lower noise
  2. Strength the bearing frame structure, increase oil seal and strength the motor structure
    with trapezoidal shaft structure, higher safety
  3. Adopt IE2 high efficient motor, save more 5-10% than IE1
  4. Passed CCC, CE, UL certificates

Control System

Danfoss VFD, Schneider brand electrical sets, with safety protection module inside which
will interrupt the output automatically in case of accidents.

Protection level is IP55, passing UL, EMC,LVD, ROHS certificates.

Chassis Technology 


The hub made by 1500T heat forge, numerical control machining and CNC precise machining.
Forging is able to confirm the consistency of metal structure, which can keep the inside structure
and the outside shape of forged pieces consistent. Complete streamline structure of the metal
confirms the best mechanical property of the hub. By CNC machining, the precision tolerance has
been controlled in 100um, which guarantees the precise dynamic balance of the hub.

Airfoil Blades Technology


Special high strength aircraft grade magnalium, PVFD processed in surface,and aerodynamics fan
blade design. There are 3 sets of strengthening support systems inside,which
increases the strength of fan blade and avoids the drop of fan blade tail and the loss and fatigue of
fan blade to connecting pieces completely.



1. Fasteners:  all the fastener enjoys the application of industrial bolt of 12.9 degree and the
practical stress it could endure is above 10 times.
2. Steel wire traction: every steel wire has the strength of stress at 1000kg with the joint
being set up double protection.
3. Protective structure for fan main body: safety ring, once accidents occur, the safety ring
would protect any spare part from falling down.
4. The I-type safety structure:to reconnect all the flabellum and the bottom head as an
integrated structure.
5. Once the accident occurs the frequency controlling system would
automatically alarm and stop the operation.




Installation Condition

  • Building structure: H-beam, I-beam, concrete, bent frame structure, spherical structure etc.
  • Building total height is required more than 4.5M.
  • Safe distance between fan blade and obstacles is more than 0.3M, and the height between installation point and below obstacles, such as crane, is 1.2M.
  • Input power: 380V or 220V


Model D6BAA49 D6BAA55 D6BAA61 D6BAA73
Diameter 4.9m (16ft) 5.5m (18ft) 6.1m (20ft) 7.3m (24ft)
No. of Blades 5 Aviation Grade Aluminum Blade
Max Speed 75 Rpm 70 Rpm 65 Rpm 55 Rpm
Airflow Displacement 397,290 CFM 414,947 CFM 429,073 CFM 460,856 CFM
Max Effective Coverage 1200 sq metre 1400 sq metre 1600 sq metre 2500 sq metre
Motor & Control System Italy Bonfiglioli motor with Danfoss VFD control
Full Load Current 4.2A 5.7A 5.7A 5.7A
Motor Power 1.1kW 1.5kW 1.5kW 1.5kW
Hanging Weight 80kg 93kg 105kg 120kg
Noise Level 40dBA
Inout Power 220V Single Phase

Airflow Coverage