End of Aisle & Pedestrian Barriers

End of Aisle Barriers

  • Single Rail Barrier 320mm/420mm Height
  • Double Rail Barrier 620mm Height

Pedestrian Barriers

  • Standard Pedestrian Barrier
  • Standard Pedestrian Barrier with Single Bumper
  • Standard Pedestrian Barrier with Double Bumper
  • Safety Bollard
  • Swing Gate




Single Rail Barrier – Straight forward strength

320mm/420mm Height

The Rack Armour Single Rail Barrier is the perfect solution to end of aisle racking damage, able to take multiple impacts and reform to its original shape.


Double Rail Barrier – Strength and Visibility

620mm Height

Our Double Rail Barrier was designed with vision in mind, standing at 620mm high this barrier not only gives your rack ends solid protection, but also a highly visible indicator to those operating MHE to avoid impacts in the first instance.