High Speed Door – RSD

  • Drive System: Germany SEW with Danfoss PLC
  • Opening Speed up to 1.8m/s
  • Stainless Steel Structure
  • Max dimension: Wide 5,000mm, High 6,000mm
  • Single Phase or Three Phase Power Supply


 Deltawerkz High Speed Door – RSD

The ideal choice for area of high transit where fast opening and closing actions are required. Deltawerkz RSD Series is the best selling model which provide low cost but high quality and durability. Thus, helping our client to achieve higher efficient with a lower cost of ownership and minimum maintenance.

It has been designed for use in all sector: Logistic warehouse, food factory, Pharmaceuticals factory, supermarket, storage, etc. to meet the demand of high-performance Logistic, high cleanliness, save energy and improve operation efficiency.



  • Provide a cost effective insulating barrier which maintains the preferred temperature, reducing heat-loss in the working environment and retaining chilled air in cold store conditions.
  • Ensure massive financial savings in energy costs and maintenance cost.
  • Full width vision window ensures optimum safety for both personnel and mobile traffic operating in busy access areas.
  • Instantly reduces dust, fumes and noise levels.
  • Durable, non-flammable, easily maintained and cleaned.
  • Opening & closing frequency: up to  2,000cycles/day and fast door opening & closing speed: 0.7-1.8m/s.

Drive System

Germany SEW with Danfoss PLC, allowing for customization in a highly functional door control system, Interlock, adjustable timer and step control and etc. Pre-programmed acceleration and deceleration provides soft start and stop, insuring smooth operation and reduce wear and tear caused by sudden start/stop in competitive models.

Adjustable opening speeds up to 1.8m/s, and closing speeds up to 1m/s. Doors can be activated using a variety of options including pull cords, push button stations, radio control, and motion detectors.

Electronic Safety Sensor

Deltawerkz High Speed Door systems incorporate both a light safety light sensor and bottom electronic sensor system which will upon impact/interrupt with an object, automatically reverse the direction of the door. This ensures safety for vehicles and pedestrians while reducing downtime caused by impact.

Opening Options

  • Push Buttons
  • Pull Cords
  • Photo Cell
  • Motion Detector
  • Radio Transmitter / Receive

Technical Data:

   Max dimension:    Wide 5,000mm, High 6,000mm.
   Door speed:    0.7-1.8m/s
   Power supply:    Single Phase 220/240V or Three Phase 380/415V
   Motor:   Germany SEW
   Control:    Danfoss PLC with Soft start/stop
   Wind resistance    25m/s