PVC Impact Traffic Swing Door

  • Effortless easy push opening and  automatic closing
  • Suitable for Light & Heavy Motorized Traffic
  • Retains cold air
  • Suitable for cold room and freezer room


Deltawerkz PVC Impact Traffic Swing Door

Deltawerkz PVC swing doors are “hands free”, impact operated doors. The double action springs allow the door to be open from either side and self returning to the centre, the flexible PVC door absorb the shock and noise of repeated impact. The clear PVC leaves provides a high visibility , minimizing the risk of collisions while maximizing available light. They are especially useful in busy traffic situations where tight environmental control is required without impeding traffic flows.



  • Improve workplace safety
  • Full or half transparent door
  • Automatic self-closing
  • Retains chilled air
  • Reduces flow of dust and fumes
  • Reduces noise traffic
  • Easy to assemble and to install

  • Very high resistance to scratching
  • Easy and minimum maintenance


  • Supermarket
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Institutional
  • Offices
  • Cold Storage
  • Kitchen and Restaurants
  • Warehouse Distribution

Technical Data:

  Max dimension:    Wide 3000mm, High 3500mm.
  Door type:    Single or double leaf
  PVC material:    Full Clear or Colored