Rack Armour Upright Protectors

  • 300mm or 600mm
  • Fits all makes of pallet racking and is inter-transferable.
  • Quick and easy installation with no fixings or drilling required.
  • Safe to use in environments down to -40 degrees C.
  • Impervious to moisture, mould growth, corrosion, acid, alkaline and most solvents




Rack Armour Upright Protectors

Rack Armour upright protector is designed to be installed within seconds and perform in all conditions, reducing racking damage by as much as 80%.

Rack Armour is manufactured using ballistics grade polymer materials, making the protectors suitable for use in ambient and freezer conditions at temperatures as low as -40 ºC.

Rack Armour is fully recyclable and non toxic, and for further ‘green’ focus, the Rack Guard can be removed and reused on other racking structures.

No More Expensive Racking Repair and Replacement!!

Pallet racking systems are not designed to resist multiple forklift MHE impacts. Even low speed collisions can cause structural rack damage, possible rack collapse, expensive repairs and the risk of serious personal injury.

RACK ARMOUR strength is in its simplicity, it simply clips onto your existing or new racking without the need for further fixings and quite simply, it works! It really is that easy.

  • The guard has a rounded shape with a high density polyethylene outer deflector and a tough foam inner diffuser -Impacts are deflected and diffused throughout its length
  • Unlike other rack protection products -Polyethylene has “persistence of shape” which means when Rack Armour receives an impact; it has the ability to return to its original shape.
  • Rigorously tested to exceed European Standards.
  • Affordable, flexible options to suit your budget – Invest to Save
  • Reduces racking damage by as much as 80% saving you Time, Trouble and Money
  • Fully recyclable and non-toxic


  • 300mm / 600mm model available
  • Made from ballistic grade polymers (As used in military bullet proof Armour)
  • Quick and easy installation– No Fixings or Drilling Required
  • Fits all makes of pallet racking and is inter-transferable.
  • Virtually unbreakable and Safe to use in environments down to -40 degrees C.
  • Impervious to moisture, mould growth, corrosion, acid, alkaline and most solvents
  • High visibility colour as standard with other colours available to enhance your warehouse safety and branding e.g. Red (Fire Exits)

Installation Instruction

Fitting Instructions For Rack Armour Guards

  1. Tilt the guard forward so that the bottom of the unit is approximately 300 mm clear of the upright and hold at an angle of 45 degrees. This should then leave only the top edge of the guard touching the front face of the upright.
  2. Slide one edge of the top of the Rack Armour guard around the side of the frame/upright so that the edge of the guard hooks behind the frame profile. Push the other side around so that the top of the guard clips onto the racking.
  3. Ensure the top of the guard has clipped into place. Holding the top of the guard with one hand push the bottom of the guard forward with the other hand until the whole of the guard has clipped onto the frame upright.
  4. With the palm of your hand force the bottom edge of the guard across the face of the upright until it clips over the opposite side.

Impact Test

How much impact can Rack Armour Withstand?

The test below simulated a fork lift truck weighing 2000 kg travelling at 1.8 metres per second that would hit the racking with a force of 21.6 kilo newtons (2.4 tons).


FAQs – Rack Armour

Q: Rack Armour is manufactured from plastic. How can this be better than traditional column guards?

A: Rack Armour is manufactured from no ordinary plastic but HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). One major benefit of HDPE is that it is virtually unbreakable to impacts at temperatures above 5ºC and remains extremely tough and resilient at temperatures as low as -40ºC. It is also exceptionally resistant to abrasion with its low friction surface, and will outlast steel or other hard materials in a corrosive or moist atmosphere. Rack Armour will not rust, buckle or tear.

Q: Rack Armour fits directly onto the rack upright and reduces direct visual inspections. Is this a problem?

A: Not at all. A line of site inspection is possible due to the fact that a smaller rear lateral portion of the upright was designed to be left visible for inspection purposes as is the ability to see the internal/rear section of the upright. The guard can slide up for a visual inspection.

Q: Is Rack Armour easy to fit?

A: Rack Armour does not require any separate fixings or fastenings and is installed in less than 10 seconds. How so? Rack Armour’s properties enable it to be securely ‘clipped‘ on and around your racking uprights.

Q: What impact does Rack Armour have on the environment?

A: Rack Armour has a very a positive impact on the environment. Rack Armour’s polymer outer shell is 100% recyclable, meaning we have one of the greenest racking safety products in the world. Rack Armour not only gives you superior protection at a competitive price, but also gives you the benefits reducing your carbon footprint and costs by 16 times due to it’s light weight.

Q: Does Rack Armour conform to any any industry standards?

A: Rack Armour conforms to FEM.10.2.2 and all UK and European standards. Extensive testing has been carried out to ensure this.