Scissor Dock Lift & Lift Table

  • Europe Imported Power Pack
  • Capacity 1 ton – 30 ton
  • Lifting Height up to 7m
  • Mobile movable option Available
  • Customized solution


Deltawerkz Scissor Dock Lift & Lift Table

At Deltawerkz, we design and customize scissor lift & lift table to suit all application. Our design focus on ergonomic, increase productivity and employee safety with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

So how do you choose?

Step 1: To decide lifter is going to be Surface mount or Pit Mounted.

User have to consider does the application requires the lifter to be floor flushed?
For pit mounting, there maybe additional civil work required to construct the pit.


Step 2: To consider optional items.

We provide the full range of customized options to suit the application client required.

A.   Ramp

B.   External Pump station with control

C.   Wall Control

D.   Handheld Pendant Control

E.   Safety Handrail

F.   Back Lip / Front Lip


Step 3: To determine parameters.

Step 4:Other Requirements

  1. Conveyor Rollers
  2. Turntable
  3. Movable / Mobile
  4. U-Shape
  5. Safety Curtain
  6. Others -Pls contact us


  • All units comes with Europe imported power pack
  • Optional for external power pack
  • Safety trip bar as standard
  • Pendant controller as default
  • Explosion-proof valves – protect hydraulic pipe from rupture
  • Safety reinforced track to prevent tipping

Examples of application: