Stainless Steel Impact Traffic Swing Door

  • Effortless easy push opening and  automatic closing
  • Stainless Steel Structure
  • Suitable for Light & Heavy Motorized Traffic
  • Insulated and Meal Panel Core available
  • V-cam Hinge System for Heavy Duty Model
  • Optional Stainless Steel Door Frame
  • Optional Tear Drop Bumper
  • Optional Full perimeter door seal


Deltawerkz Stainless Steel Impact Traffic Swing Door

Deltawerkz Traffic Door Also called Impact Doors are toughest traffic door in the industry.With its ruggedness, ease of maintenance and long service life. These door are widely used in area of high traffic which demands a high impact resistance door.

The stainless steel structure with option of  heavy duty model are able to handle from human to heavy motorized traffic such as forklift. We also have the options of insulated core panel and full perimeter seal for refrigerated and clean room applications. The corrosion resistant stainless steel panel is also  ideal for wash down applications.


  • Auto-Closing : Gravity return hinge design which is simple, durable and effective.
  • Vision Window : Enable safety vision for traffic to avoid crashing accidents .
  • Tear Drop Bumper : Prolong service and maintenance life-cycle of door.
  • Stainless Steel Door Frame : custom frame made to size for ease of installation.
  • Heavy Duty Model: V-cam hinge system design allow high impact traffic from forklift.
  • Full Perimeter Door Seal: Allow air tight seal for better environment control.


  • Supermarket
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Institutional
  • Offices
  • Clean rooms
  • Cold Storage
  • Kitchen and Restaurants
  • Warehouse Distribution

Technical Data:

  Max dimension:    Wide 3000mm, High 3000mm.
  Door type:    Single or double leaf
  Core material:    Standard, Insulated or Metal