T-Series HVLS Tower Fan

T- Series HVLS Tower Fan

  • 5 Blades Design
  • 10ft to 24ft
  • Customized Stand


Deltawerkz T-Series HVLS is a redesign from scratch Tower form HVLS.  It will provide much more stability and durability compare to other brands in the market which are normally modified from normal hvls to be inverted. Our price will not be the more cheapest but we assure you that the product is design to for such application.


T-Series Tower is perfect for wherever there is no suitable mounting points eg. Gym, Malls, Events, Restaurants and etc.

•  Light weight and Compact
•  Simple and Easy to Implement
•  Low Cost of maintenance
•  Aesthetic Pleasant
•  Ideal for Low ceiling and small spaces
•  No Roof Restriction
•  Weatherproof option available for outdoor usage

8ft to 24ft models available
Customize  pole layout (Lights, bench, display panel and etc)


Available Options


10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 18ft, 20ft, 24ft